by Dr. Aminata Njeri

Presenting to some and introducing to others, Mother Holy Spirit! Yes, She is real. She exists. Mother Holy Spirit was in the beginning, with the Father and Son. Mother Holy Spirit is the second member of the Godhead.  I know what you must think, “They taught me something else.” I’m sure this sounds confusing. When we dig deeper into scripture, this will make sense. Mother Holy Spirit is God! Don’t call Her a goddess. She is God!

Holy Spirit Mother?

Not that long ago, like some of you, I was clueless. I never heard of a Holy Mother in heaven. Nor that the Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine in the Godhead.  In the Trinity, they define Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as male. But the mansplained Trinity is not scriptural. Scripture teaches us who the three are. Father, Holy Spirit, and the Son make up the “Godhead.” They define the Holy Spirit as the third “person” of the Trinity. This person has no identity unlike Father and Son, so why use the gender pronoun ‘he’?  They have taught us that this third person (who is without personhood) is the “force, or “power” that comes from God the Father. Which is it?  Is the Holy Spirit a person or a “power, a force” or, is the Holy Spirit considered an “it” as used in scripture, that comes from God?

Theological Tongue-Twister

There is the whole “one God” thing. Try explaining the one God with three persons and one of the Divine Beings lacking personhood… ugh! One God, three persons? The Father is God, and Jesus Christ is God and scripture teaches us that Holy Spirit is God, right? The answers are within scripture. What are your thoughts regarding Holy Spirit as our heavenly Mother? I’m excited! Stay tuned. There is much to share about Mother Holy Spirit. Yes, She is God!

Rev. Dr. Aminata Njeri, author of “Hear She Is, On Earth As She Is In Heaven – Mother Holy Spirit. Publication expected the end of 2019. 

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